gruodžio 30, 2010

It's not over if you still believe

This year are coming to an end. New Year's eve outfit is already chosen, music is on and so I thought of doing "best of 2010" post which already did A. I must say that this year was full of new expierences: I created this blog, fell in love with fashion, wrote my very first article and etc. I hope next year will bring some new changes and I wish it for you too:)

Newest blog crush - Raspberry and red

Prettiest new model - Daphne Groenveld

Style to follow - Ruby Aldridge

Biggest cravings

- Celine Boston bag

- Chloe Darla tote

The most read entry on this blog - Blog Crush: Trini-G.

The most of readers lives in

- Lithuania 7.853

- USA 537

- UK 533

So I hope to see you next year! Kisses.

gruodžio 23, 2010

Wake up the hapiness

Probably I won't update blog with posts until weekend. So I'm wishing you Merry Christmas today. Fill your stomach with delicious meal, enjoy your time with friends and family and get & give a lot of presents! Today I got my first present from mom - faux fur vest, so I'm very happy. Have a very lovely Christmas time!

gruodžio 18, 2010

Everything but the girl

Few pictures of mine from latest photo shoot. I was actually freezing and I couldn't move my fingers but I'm glad of the result.
P.S ignore the fact that these shorts looks kinda few sizes bigger for me.

gruodžio 16, 2010

Winter Madness

Finally, I managed to post pictures of our latest 'photo shoot'. They say that  picture is worth a thousand words, so just let them speak for itself. 
That's pretty much all for now. I hope you liked it:)
P.S big thanks to Laura & Ernesta who made these pictures look beautiful!

gruodžio 11, 2010

Meet Ernesta & Laura


Little preview of what is coming! Don't you think they look stunning? 

gruodžio 10, 2010

The Snow Queen

Since tomorrow me and couple of friends/classmates are going to do a little photo shoot in the middle of forest, I searched threw some very beautiful editorial shots to find inspiration. Even if we're not going to do something like fashion shots, I hope it will look great. Wish me luck and stay tuned!

xx, Simona


gruodžio 05, 2010

Nowhere Boy

Incredibly interesting movie about John Lennon's childhood. As a the beatles fan I really enjoyed watching it and recommend you to do the same, especially when every single piece of clothing in this movie looked very beautiful and inspiring.

gruodžio 03, 2010

Blog Crush: Trini-G.

Continuing on blog crush category today I suggest you to follow Trini's blog. Fascinating spanish girl stands out not only with her clothing but with ability to connect classical and bohemian styles. Perfect example.

FULL NAME: Trinidad González

HOMETOWN:Santiago de Chile (currently living in Madrid)


BLOG: Trini-G.

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself and where do you live. I'm originally from Santiago de Chile but a little more than 3 years ago I moved to Madrid to study fashion is my passion que, and has been since forever. I'm Into Photography ook now so I'm learning about it too, I'm just starting with photography so I'm not very good at it yet, but I promise to get better so I can post pictures Taken by me in my Blog. I studied fashion design in Both Santiago and later in Madrid I studied photography and fashion styling. I would like to have my own brand of clothing some day.

2) Why did you start blogging and what's you're favourite thing about it? I started blogging in fotolog actually when it was just about posting pictures with friends. The moment I started I fast got lots of visitors and comments but they were all about my clothes and fashion sense. I never intended for it to be about my clothing, but it inevitably turned into that. Later fotolog started to get boring so I started blogging in blogspot, and now in my own webpage.
The thing I like most about it is how inevitably you interact with lot's of people around the world, and also the part when you log in to update and notice you have recieved lots of lovely comments specially the ones where they tell me what an inspiration I am to them in fashion terms. It really makes my day to think that I've inspired someone even if it is just to get dressed.

3) Describe your personal style and its influences/inspiration. I always have trouble describing my personal style, I don't think I should be the one to do it, but I think its pretty feminine and down to earth, and very personal indeed.
I get inspiration from the 60's a lot, I love that era of fashion. Also I get inspiration from some of my favorite movies: Lolita, The House of the Spirits, Marie Antoinette are just some of the many that each time I watch they keep inspiring me.

4) What can't you live without? Basic black ballet flats. I have a pair from Chanel which I use a lot, and then lots of different versions of a classic black ballet flat from different stores, such as one with  straps, with silver toe/point, with jewelry, with a bow etc.

5) Your favorite blogs or other web reads you look at daily?  I like JakandJil, Style and the City and The Sartorialist, I like street-style blogs in general specially when they feature kids, mature women or men its so amazing to see people with style, true style at any age.

6) Favorite designers/labels or places to shop? Chanel would be my favorite hands down. I also like Marni, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs. I do shop a lot at Topshop, Zara, and


7) Something about yourself most people don't know? I'm into cooking. I love to cook. I think I'm pretty good at it because I receive lots of compliments whenever I do it.

8) What would you wish to lithuanian fashion bloggers? Lots of love! And I wish to know lithuanian bloggers, specially streetstyle blogs. So if there's a lithuanian street-style blog reading this please write to me with your link I'd love to check your blog out!

gruodžio 02, 2010

My whole life waiting for the right time

Quick post before going to bed. Above are two jackets I bought them from second-hand shop, in real life they look better but it's just poor camera quality. They both cost me 10LTL. Maybe one day I'll get better pics of them...
Excuse me for being very bad blogger lately but I'm not in the blogging mood. Now I'm writing huge article about how to buy a handbag as a present and I feel very tired + I got cold, it's like the 3d time this year.
P.S Have you noticed new icon in the right? I recommend you to visit
Currently listening to The Hurts-Stay.

lapkričio 28, 2010

All I want for christmas

Today I officialy started to listen Christmas songs. Winter is finally in the yard so why not start to wait for Christmas! I've been really loving season I think it's really gorgeous and wintery, especially when sunlight hits the snow it looks like fairy dusts.

I wanted to make post featuring my 2 new jackets but when I looked in to my closet one of the jackets were missing, I guess it's my moms job, haha. So maybe I will take pics of them, tomorow (?). And now I'm showing some stuff from my all time wishlist. If only Santa could be a millionaire... 


lapkričio 24, 2010

Hey, Jude don't be afraid

If you don't know yet, I'm currently writing articles about things I like/everything that catches my eye on beauty and fashion page This is one of my latest articles about tips on shopping in second hand shops. To see whole article go here. Sadly it's in lithuanian so I suggest you google translate.   

lapkričio 20, 2010

You are the ever-living ghost of what once was

Yesterday I finally got back from the hospital. I'm going wear contact lenses from now on. So I’m really excited because it's new experience for me. In the morning I went to second hand shops and I bought a very nice camel jacket, which sleeves are too short for me but I'm going to wrap them up. Also in the second hand shop I saw very very very beautiful striped tunic/dress with golden buttons and pockets. I really wanted to buy it but it was too expensive for a second hand garment, I think I'm going to save some money first... From now on I can use computer only for 2 hours because of my eyes so sorry for my lack of posts.

I am currently deciding whether I should cut my hair like Abbey in this Chanel f/w campaign or not . Little help, please?

Have a nice weekend:)

lapkričio 13, 2010

I lost my VOGUE virginity

I'm ashamed to say that yesterday I was holding my first VOGUE ever. I am so happy that my dad bought me this Vogue Italia when he was in Italy. And he promised me to get November issue too. Too bad I can't understand a word in italian language but it's very good eye candy and source of inspiration.

I also got some news for you. From monday (nov15) I'm not gonna write posts in this blog because I'm going to eye clinic in Kaunas I'm gonna be there for week or maybe more. There will be no tv, no pc I will just have phone so you can follow me on twitter.

Hope to see you soon! xxBeye

lapkričio 07, 2010


This girl has been my style inspiration since I first saw her at lookbook. Each look of her gets into main page and everybody's loving her style. It's time to learn more about this 19 years old fashionista Michèle!

FULL NAME: Michèle K.
HOMETOWN: St. Gallen, Switzerland

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you live. So, my name is Michèle and I live in a very small village near St. Gallen, Switzerland. With very small I mean less then 500 residents I guess. I'm in an eduction to a graphic designer and would like to be a stylist, designer, photographer or something like that later. I like going out with my friends, making party and doing things everybody in my age likes to do I guess. :) 

2) Why did you start blogging and what's you're favourite thing about it? I have lookbook now since august or july and about one or two months ago someone asked me why I don't have a blog, she'd like to read it. I thought about that a short time and then I decided to start a blog. At the beginning I was not sure if would do that long time or if I'll stop blogging after a short time, because I thought I don't find enough things to blog about. But now I really love it and so I'll continue. There is no favorite thing, I just like write about fashion and so on, and I'm happy when people like it!


3) Describe your personal style and its influences/inspiration. I would say my style is very variable, it depends on my mood! Sometimes I like to dress girly with a dress and pumps and sometimes I like to dress more casual with long shirt and boots.. But I think mostly I dress very simple, because you can't dress too eccentric here in Switzerland. The fashion scene here is so poor, you can't believe it! If you dress a bit different then the others they'll talk about you behind your back and they'll judge you. I always try to find a way to dress how I like but not too eccentric. You know what I mean?

4) What is your favorite era of style? I don't have a favorite era of style. I like so many things and honestly I don't really know what was worn in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and so on. haha

5) What can't you live without?  I can't live without my family, my friends and without my clothes of course ;) And also I can't live without hope, love and friendship.

6)Your favourite blogs or other web reads you look at daily?  Honestly I don't read any blogs.. Sometimes I read a few single blogs, but not daily. I check out lookbook every day, that's it! :)

7) Favourite designers/labels or places to shop? I don't got that thing with designers! I think you don't have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for one designer piece! It just matters if it looks good or not, brand does really not matter. But to answer your question: I love Jeffrey Campbell and Christian Louboutin as shoe designers and have to own a pair of their shoes when I'm older and earn more money. My favorite store is H&M, because I love the clothes they have and I think the price is ok!

8) What would you wish to new fashion bloggers?
I wish you a lot of followers, haha ;)

lapkričio 06, 2010

From me to you with love

Yesterday our class went to see exhibition of Victorian era fashion. I'm so ashamed that I didn't took photocamera with me because there was so much inspiration that I wanted to show you. And we had chance to see 2 beautiful dresses made by couturier Charles F. Worth! I was thrilled and no words can't describe that beauty, you got to see it. It's charming. It's high fashion. It's art! Also I recomand you to see this new movie The young Victoria.

Stay tuned for tomorows 'Blog Crush' post with very very inspiring girl Michele!

lapkričio 03, 2010

Help me if you can, I'm feeling down

I feel like I was living in cage or something. I didn't knew about Gala Gonzalez since I suddenly bumed into her blog yesterday and I gotta say her style's amazing. She's so much inspiration! Just look at those outfits she created for Mango with clothes from theire fall winter 10/11 collection! I think it's brilliant and definetely want to visit Mango immediately.


inside am-lul's closet

lapkričio 01, 2010

no front teeth

My happiness returned to me! Today nice women from the shoe shop changed my shoes into a new onces.  And I discovered free ways to wear them.. Very artistic(!) shoe picture upwards. My beloved cousin without front tooth below.



spalio 31, 2010

Don't look back

Again some shots from our latest 'photoshoot' with Greta and Eve:)

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