sausio 29, 2010

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

Hello little soul! My name's Simona and I will try to write my brand new and unique blog. Few times before I was writing something like this but I started write very uninteresting and pointless things which I'm not all happy about and I had to delete those blogs.
But now it's a different thing because I'm not gonna write how boring my life is.
I really enjoy taking photographs (actually it's my passion) so sometimes I'll be posting my "photography", the pictures what inspires me and my looks. I'm not gonna bother you by saying how I love fashion (the fact is I love it A LOT) but trust me this blog is gonna be very different from others fashion blogs. Some people on here are trying to be very into fashion and live kinda bohemian life by smoking cigarettes, loving Paris and drinking all the time. It's the latest f*ck*ing trend and everyone seems to be in style.

So I'm gonna say what beauty is not only a fantastic mind, a brilliant smile, balance and harmony, individuality, truth, intelligence, a great personality or a great arse. Beauty is also the joy that you feel when you discover it, an image that combines opposing or unusual aesthetics. You can't define but the one thing we all know is that when something is really beautiful it can leave you lost for words or without a lump in your throaut.  Be yourself, I will begin from now. 

Anyway, I hope you understand me. Leave a comment by saying what you think.


P.S  I took those photos of my friend in winter of 2009. Hope you'll like it. 

P.P.S   I know my english grammar is very weak, please don't judge, you can correct me.


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rednails rašė...

very sweet beggining:)
good luck:)

ohsoboheme rašė...


coffeeholic rašė...

finally pradėjai rašyt,labai labai graži pradžia ;] sveikinu katuk ;***

mantas rašė...

good luck! :)

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