February 13, 2010

Ok, so I leave fashion shows for today and let's talk about the idea of my blog - photography. Few days before I added  voting poll to ask you,  should I post my own photography, 88% said yes and 12% said no.  I want to apologize to those who was clicking 'no', I'm gonna start posting my photos from now.  




Nothing special, I took those  in 2009 winter, spring and summer and edited by myself with adobe photoshop cs4.  I asked my friends to pose for me and they was doing pretty good. It's actually not all photos from these days but I'm showing you the better onces. Hope you'll like it:)

xxxo, Simona


coffeeholic said...

I love it !!! Simona tu auksas ;D**

ohsoboheme said...

aš ir tave myliu:D****

mantas said...

labai gražios!!! :) SVEIKINU !!!!

ohsoboheme said...