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kovo 21, 2010

Street style



Excuses, excuses


Wow, this week has been insane. I had so much to do for school but everything that I started failed... I have to do many presentations for lessons, first is about music for russian, I decided to talk about Lady Gaga in my presentation, second is biology where I have to prepare speaking about  healthy eating, in english we have to speak about how things will change in future and I picked Haute Couture topic, and finaly for technology I have to speak about my favourite proffesion and still I don't know which one to choose: Photographer or Fashion designer? 

Anyway this week, my blog was hanging on a thread from death and living, because I wanted to delete it, though I don't have much time to write here and even if I have I'm writing bullshits.  

Enough about myself, tell me what you think: how fashion will change in twenty years??


kovo 15, 2010

"Young boys should never be sent to bed... they always wake up a day older"

Today I watched one of my favorite movie Finding Neverland. I've seen it a hundred times, but still I cry every time I see it. The clothes look impressing.  Johnny Depp is just so awesome, like Kate Winslet.

Anyone else in love with Finding Neverland? Or Johnny?

kovo 14, 2010

Little Rosie


Rosie Tupper for Vogue Australia April 2010

kovo 13, 2010


It's the first time I'm making collage with adobe photoshop, I think this one looks pretty much good even though I'm new at this thing.What you think? 

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take me to the club


Too much love will kill you

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What's wrooooooong?

Siaubas, visa bloger sistema tikriausiai keršija man už kokią tai niekšybę nes, kad ir kaip stengčiausi niekaip negaliu parašyti komentaro po mylimų blogų įrašais. Gal žinot kame problemos? Lyg to būtų maža, skype dalykiukai neleidžia prisijungti prie savo accounto! Bėje pinigus su kuriais turėjau pasipildyti saskaita išleidau žurnalams. Kažkaip jaučiuosi atskirta nuo visuomenės... 

WTF?? dabar jau ir nuotraukų nebeleidžia įkelti!

PS. sveikinu elit su įkurtuvėm!;)

kovo 03, 2010


Ask me personal questions and I'll give you the answers!

Sexy for spring


Side-braided hairstyle is the cutest thing for spring and summer! I had such a long hair and somehow last summer I thought I'll look good with short hair more and some people say I do, but I don't feel confident. I regret it.  Even though I can't make a normal braid with my short hair... Anyway everyone should try to make a braid for s/s  

  • the side braid can be paired with the slicked side hair style for an edgy interpretation.
  • the side braid can only be worn with a side part and the part must be on the opposite side of the head to the braid.

I loved how pretty Anna looked on s/s '10 Alexander Wang catwalk, it's an inspiration what long hair is much more sexier, lol

source: fashionising

Milan fashion week: Dolce and Gabbana fall 2010 rtw


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