liepos 30, 2010

Current Inspiration: Imogen Morris Clarke in Sugar Rush

Twin Magazine Issue #1 | November 2009
Imogen Morris Clarke by Mari Sarai
Imogen and Mari Sarai rocked the set for the editorial of sugar rush. The photos all turned out SO AMAZING & SO STUNNING. Photographer Mari Sarai captures Imogen in the rebellious mood of Louis Vuittons leather and lace collection. I absolutely love these black & white photos, this is one of my favorite photos!

liepos 28, 2010

I sleep with windows open

When I catch myself thinking what kind of clothes I'll by for autumn, I understand that summer is coming to an end. My heart ache for the things I was preparing to do and that did not have. Well, for example I was trying to do some sports but with the help of some mysterious forces I managed to get up early only once... Not to mention, all those million things that I planed to do when the summer started.  Honestly, I can not acomplish any of those things... It remains to enjoy the last summer month, the last sunshine and the last tea in the lake.

liepos 27, 2010

Having troubles telling how I feel, but I can dance, dance, dance

Pictures from Sunday 'backstage photoshoot'.


liepos 26, 2010

Bohemian like you

So I think our 'photoshoot' went realy great although heat was horrible, and the sun made my face skin look like tomato, lol. I made some misstakes in photographing but I don't have a professional camera, so you know...  When we were searching for another place to shoot, we found something like lake and it was so cool that we had a chance to act like a children. 
My friend Lily wearing- floral dress from Zara, wedges from New Look.
I'm wearing my mom's old vintage dress, plaited belt from second-hand shop and headband from New Look. 

My friend Lily wearing- striped top, wedges and hareem pants from New Look, sunglasses- vintage.
I'm wearing top from New Look, belt from second-hand shop, vintage sunglasses and vintage short's used to be my mom's.

liepos 25, 2010

Sneak Peak

liepos 24, 2010

Paint it Black

In these days I get sooooo many inspiration from the movies I watched, from the bloggers I've started to follow...  I want to completely change my style. I even started to dream about Alice Dellal hair-cut, I loved her for a long time but never wanted to change my hair like that.  The time has come. 

Tomorow me and my friend are going to do a little 'photoshoot' in the fields. Wish me luck and stay tuned for the result, beye! xoxo

liepos 19, 2010

Black & White

liepos 16, 2010

They're gonna eat me alive

Pictures that I took in last 'photoshoot'. What do you think?

liepos 13, 2010


I get my new sunnies few days before, my amazing friend got me floral printed sunglasses (1st pic). And I wanted to show you all my favourite sunnies (with my web-cam, lol). 

Current Inspiration: Rokas Darulis photography

liepos 10, 2010

Blog Crush: no more rainy days

This time I'm gonna show you guys, my one of the favourite blogger. A 14 year old blogger from Denmark, Maja Ravn, has her own unique sense of style, which I love!

NAME: Maja Ravn
HOMETOWN: Copenhagen
BLOG: no more rainy days

(1) Why did you start blogging and what's you're favourite thing about it? I started blogging because I'd seen other peoples blog, and found that I could contribute with something. My favorite thing about blogging is actually everything. I love hearing from people who are reading my blog, I love sharing my photos with people, I love the friends I have made through blogging.

(2) Your style icons? My style icons are Twiggy, because she is shizzling stunning. Alexa Chung, because she always looks effortless cool and classic with a twist.


(3) Where do you get your inspiration?I find inspiration many different places. On blogs, in magazines (my favorites are Cover, Vogue, Eurowoman and Elle), and on the street. When I see people on the streets wearing something cool, I get all crazy, run home and try to find something in my closet that gives the same vibe to the look.

(3) Your favourite blogs or other web reads you look at daily? Uh, I look at many blogs.,,, and so on. I find blogs craaaazy inspiring!

(4) Do you have any advice for other bloggers out there? Advice? Um, I dont know if I'm the right to ask, but if you want to start a blog, then my advice would be - do it your own way, dont care what other people think about you'r style, you'r blog. It's you'r blog, and you dont have to give a shit. It sound so rude, but there will always be haters, and don't let them break you'r fun in blogging. 

liepos 07, 2010

Little Bit


So few months ago I started to take pictures with my old analogue camera. Yesterday I remembered that I have my film in computer and forgot to show you , guys. So here it goes few photos from my very first film which actually was a big dissapointment. Every single time when camera captured view I had to roll film, but many times I forgot to do it. And big part of my film just ruined. In the end I decided only take pictures with digital camera because those analogue films are soooo expensive.

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