Little Bit

July 07, 2010


So few months ago I started to take pictures with my old analogue camera. Yesterday I remembered that I have my film in computer and forgot to show you , guys. So here it goes few photos from my very first film which actually was a big dissapointment. Every single time when camera captured view I had to roll film, but many times I forgot to do it. And big part of my film just ruined. In the end I decided only take pictures with digital camera because those analogue films are soooo expensive.


Phillipe LeNerd said...

that baby! jaja
visit my blog and follow me :)

Nikki said...

bet kaip gražu užtat <33

rednails said...

velnioniškai gražu :)
kokia kamera?:)

ohsoboheme said...

Nikki, malonu, kad patinka:)
rednails, lb ačiū! o kamera, tai tokia nepopuliari - Skina.