rugpjūčio 29, 2010

Nothing was ever worth the risk

Hello, my lovely readers, sorry for not being active these couple of weeks. My life is too boring and I have nothing to tell you. Yesterday I went shopping with my family (!) and it was disaster. I wanted to buy new shoes but my mother said they were too expensive for me. So I end up walking with no smile but with anger in my eyes. I just bought poor white t-shirt with tiger image on it. Later me with family went to restaurant, that was disaster too because my little brother gone wild, he was running everywhere and screaming...  When we get back home I was exhauster and went to bed quickly.

(my vintage bag from thrift store)

Now I have this big wish - too dye my hair (maybe blond). But I'm little bit afraid for this drastic action. GO/NOTGO?

rugpjūčio 25, 2010

The Big Chill

rugpjūčio 24, 2010

Oh happy day

I can get excited very easily, for example today me and my mother went to our houses second floor which is kind of 'loft' (sorry don't know the right word) and it felt like super good flea market! I've found 2 pairs of exactly the same cowboy boots with platform, but one pair have black wedge other have brown. I really liked them, too bad my shoe size is 37 (booties arein size 39). But I didn't get upset about them because I also found vintage bag, which my mom used when she was a student. Bag was in our loft for like 25years, so you can imagine how terrible it looked, I was washing it all morning! But it's not the end, I've also found lots of vintage floral blouses, dozens of maxi dresses, denim shorts (they were too small for me) & denim shirts (in terribly quality),  and lots of more. Actualy where were more boxes of clothes I was just too tired to search in them. I'm gonna use all the clothes in photoshoots (someday). Oh and I almost forgot to mention the nicest find - "Smena8M" photocamera which used to be my godfather's, yay I'm so happy! 

the bag

the camera

Have a good week! xxo

rugpjūčio 19, 2010


It's always so nice to see beautiful face behind the blog, and if that beautiful face has a good style too, it's perfect combination! This time I'm gonna show you my favourite blogs which are written by the most nicest models.

BLOG: 4th and bleeker

NAME: Alexandra Spencer



BLOG: Natalie Of Dutty

NAME: Natalie Suarez



BLOG: Zanita

NAME: Zanita Whittington



BLOG: poison dart

NAME: Imogen Morris Clarke



Which model-blogger is your favourite?


rugpjūčio 18, 2010


rugpjūčio 16, 2010

Don't you know you look so fine. Don't you know you blow my mind

Today I bought these booties at second-hand shop but they're new, never wored before, and are from "Pirelli Footwear". They're super comfy, made from linen.  I feel so lucky to found them in  ridiculously cheap price (15LTL)!

rugpjūčio 15, 2010

Little new friend


Our new family member! This puppy is only 3 weeks old, I named him - Pepsie. Isn't THIS cute?

rugpjūčio 14, 2010

You simply the best

Today I met blogger (&&friend) Amanda we had so much fun! First I showed her all the second-hand shops we have in the city.  I haven't found anything I like besides lovely booties but I didn't had enough money for them, I hope in monday they still be unsold. We bought some tasty food, went to  picnic and had amazing day:)

Go check out her blog - Le Journal d'Amanda

rugpjūčio 09, 2010

Vintage Vogue

Scans from Vogue 1939/1941

I'm so sad that I don't have any new pics to show you. I've been so lazy these days and I don't have cell-phone at the moment, because my beloved one is now repairing. So I can't contact my friends... But we planed to do some kind of photoshoot in short time.  Hope you all having good time and enjoying the last days of summer! xxo

rugpjūčio 06, 2010

My selection


Scraps from Chloe, Salvatore Ferragamo, Fendi, Alexander Wang, Thakoon, Burberry, Prada.

rugpjūčio 03, 2010

Blog Crush: the stylish heart

Few months ago I came to Sarah's blog, I'm always searching for those bloggers who can inspire with items from high-street shops that are just essential to make outfit look stylish. And to me she's a real inspiration. This time I'm making feature on the stylish heart blog!

NAME: Sarah Boram
HOMETOWN: Norwich, England
BLOG: the stylish heart

(1)How long have you been blogging for? Only since about april! I'm still quite new to it all really.
(2)What inspired you to start your blog? Quite a simple answer; I was just inspired by other blogs and thought why not have a bash at starting my own! Sort of 'whats the worst that could happen' kind of thing.  
(3)What do you do when your not blogging? I work weekdays at a dull office job as an accountant. Then at weekends I enjoy shopping (of course), going to the cinema, going to the beach, listening to music etc.
(4)How would you describe your own personal style? With great caution! I don't know how I would describe it, I try not to put myself into too much of a box, I just wear what I like.
(5)Favourite designers/labels or places to shop? I love topshop, they almost always have great things, but I try not to wear too much of it a time, for fear of looking like a one-shop sally. I also love to find bargains on ebay.
(6)Share some advice for other bloggers. Oh blimey, well, try not to get too caught up in trends, after seeing clogs on bloggers for the 97th time it can get a little dull and won't make your outfit stand out from others. Try not to buy into them too much, always wear what you like and if people like that, then great, but if not, don't get too disheartened - if you like it, that's what counts.    

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