rugpjūčio 24, 2010

Oh happy day

I can get excited very easily, for example today me and my mother went to our houses second floor which is kind of 'loft' (sorry don't know the right word) and it felt like super good flea market! I've found 2 pairs of exactly the same cowboy boots with platform, but one pair have black wedge other have brown. I really liked them, too bad my shoe size is 37 (booties arein size 39). But I didn't get upset about them because I also found vintage bag, which my mom used when she was a student. Bag was in our loft for like 25years, so you can imagine how terrible it looked, I was washing it all morning! But it's not the end, I've also found lots of vintage floral blouses, dozens of maxi dresses, denim shorts (they were too small for me) & denim shirts (in terribly quality),  and lots of more. Actualy where were more boxes of clothes I was just too tired to search in them. I'm gonna use all the clothes in photoshoots (someday). Oh and I almost forgot to mention the nicest find - "Smena8M" photocamera which used to be my godfather's, yay I'm so happy! 

the bag

the camera

Have a good week! xxo

6 komentarai:

coffeeholic rašė...

damn lucky you ;/**

ohsoboheme rašė...

maybe, bet as visus drabuzius palikau ten pat, pasiemiau tik situs du daiktus :D <3

Anonimiškas rašė...

Mmm tašė simpatiška, o tokie seni fotikai man labai faini! :>

ohsoboheme rašė...

meteora, as ir simpatizuoju sitam portfeliukui, netgi planuoju keliauti į mokyklą su juo, tik bijau, kad nesupratingi zmonės beprote isvadins:D o sis aparatas man 3iasis tokis, tik labai gaila, kad truksta vienos dalies :/

morningcoffee rašė...

Kaip mėgstu tokius oldies radinukus!:O

ohsoboheme rašė...

as taip pat, tokius radinukus labiau vertinu negu high-street shop'uose :}

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