rugsėjo 28, 2010

We stole our new lives

I've finally done editing all the pictures. But I'm not able to show them.  Well not all of them, I only can show you my own pictures took by other friends. You probably already saw them if you have me in your facebook friend list. Anyway here it goes...



Tell me your thoughts. xoxo

rugsėjo 26, 2010

Behind the scenes

Quick post before the meeting with mr. Adobe Photoshop. Have a nice eve!

rugsėjo 25, 2010

Hey autumn

Yesterday in pictures. Stay tuned for tomorows 'photoshoot' :)


rugsėjo 23, 2010

I love your delicate way

Today was such a nice day with my friends. I've made some pictures bud I do not have USB conection at this time. So I think I'll show pics tomorow. 

When I was ill I've re-edited these 3 pictures from summer(link) 'photoshoot' because of boredom. In Sunday we're gonna  make new, autumn-ish 'photoshoot' I'm very excited (as always). 

Currently listening: The feeling-Rose. xoxo

p.s yes, i've found the beauty of textures.

rugsėjo 19, 2010

70's glam rock

I really loved this Topshop Unique show! Would be nice to wear something like this in summer.


rugsėjo 16, 2010

It was a thousand to one and a million to two

Today when I woke up I was home alone and decided to go to the attic and search some stuff for upcoming photoshoot my friends and I planned to do. I realised that I need to show you these clothes that cought my eye. Ignore bad cell-phone quality and crumple garment. levi's denim shirt

  colored shirt

 floral jacket with military buttons

 burgundy  high waisted skinny pants with silver details.

That's all for now, but not all from attic. I will need a lot of patience to search threw every single box. Now I'm gonna continue drinking tea and watching ANTM. See ya! xoxo

rugsėjo 15, 2010


Photographer Willy Vanderprerre and stylist Panos Yiapanis. The Silhouette’s are so beautiful and the combination of lighting , photography and amazing clothes is so hypnotic. I particularly love the stylist’s clever use of layering and her amazing studded leggings which give the model a huge behind which I’d gladly have any day in those fantastic pants! Its just came to me that I need to learn how to layer clothes.
I'm ill and not going to school, playing with my dog all day long - life's good.

rugsėjo 12, 2010

Twilight Galaxy


I just love those looks from Alexander Wang s/s'11 collection. It's so pure and I just love that nearly there's no make-up, only a fresh-face looking models! What's your thoughts on this collection?


And this is called art of fashion.

rugsėjo 11, 2010

I'm in thoughts, I write songs

I'm writing to remind you that I'm still alive. I actually have a lot of excuses why I didn't post anything in my blog: school and homework takes all of my time, when I have free time I'm watching '2010 fiba World Championship' games (I'm one of the biggest fans of our national team). And the worst thing is that I cought a cold and been feeling realy bad these days... Anyway, my brother took these pictures of me wearing school uniform and holding my vintage bag.
Three days ago my grandmother gave to me 2 brooches and necklase with amber eye. One of the brooches is rose made from mole in colour red, another one is silver tree, I wear 'tree' brooch with my uniform because I just love  it. Gosh, I really like vintage thingies... 
P.S THIS IS MY 100 post!


rugsėjo 03, 2010

The third of September

Oh my god, I just can't believe autumn has already arrived to our city. It seems like I just got used to unbearable heat and now it's cold and raining almost every day... And it's first year with school uniform, strange fact that I feel kinda comfortable in it...  

I wish I could stay in bed all day long. I'm lucky tomorow is Saturday so I can make my wish come true.

Despite the fact that I was freezing my toes off this morning and it's painful to wake up in 06:40 in morning  - I really like autumn, it's actually one of  my favorite season. Enough for now! xoxo 

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