spalio 31, 2010

Don't look back

Again some shots from our latest 'photoshoot' with Greta and Eve:)

spalio 29, 2010

I blame bad luck

spalio 28, 2010


Yesterday I was taking pictures of my friend Greta. Not all of pictures came out as I wanted but I think these few look pretty good.


And I also got chance to take pics of her little cousin Ieva. That girl have very beautiful features and she looked really cute.

That's all for now:)

spalio 26, 2010

Blog Crush: The Golden Diamonds

I am very excited for opportunity to introduce you to the first fashion blogger in Moldova -  Doina. I'm 100% sure that this girl will hit the blog world, so hurry up to follow  The Golden Diamonds!


FULL NAME: Doina Ciobanu
HOMETOWN: Chisinau, Moldova
BLOG: The Golden Diamonds 

1) Why did you start blogging and whats your favourite thing about it? I started blogging because I really loved fashion and wanted to do something in the fashion industry, to be a part of it. Moreover I wanted to do something new for me and my country. It was really exciting to start blogging, knowing you would be the first one who does it. I feel that I've become a lot more addicted to fashion than I was when I started my blog, because now my online diary is a MUST do. My readers really make me really happy, i think they're one of my favorite things about blogging.
2) How would you describe your style? It is hard to be described, it's more just a mix of things I like and enjoy, but if to try to define it, it will be more 'casual chic'
3) What are three pieces you’d hate to live without and why? I don't think I have 3pieces, the only thing I can't live whitout is shoes. Shoes are my total obsession and I really can't imagine myself without heels.


4) Who and/or what inspires your style? I don't really have a source of inspiration. I'm usually inspired by dreams, history, art and music.
5) What are a few of your favorite blogs? My favorites are Chicmuse, Fashion Toast and Stylescrapbook
6) What’s the story behind your blog’s name? There is really no interesting story, I found it really difficult. I think it just describes myself, because according to the horoscope diamonds are my talisman, and I love them very much too. Gold is the most stunning metal, it looks very elegant and chic, so that is how I came to The Golden Diamonds.

7) Where do you love to go shopping (special spots, flea markets, or other haunts)? I've recently moved to the Uk, but before that I had lived in Moldova. I couldn't find anything for me, so it was really difficult. I used to shop online, but a lot of online shops don't ship to Moldova, in this case I went shopping with my family to Milan, Barcelona or Bucharest. Now I still love to shop online, and my favorite websites are: Farfetch, Net-a-Porter, LuisaViaRoma, Zara (online shopping available only in certain countries) and Solestruck.
8) Do you have any advice for other bloggers out there?
Don't be afraid, the most difficult is to start and keep it for the first months, then it just goes by itself and everything you have is to enjoy it. Good luck!

spalio 25, 2010

Imagine all the people living for today

Few never seen before pictures by me.

spalio 23, 2010

That was the river. This is the sea

Voting of "What kind of posts would you like to read here?" is over and I'm pretty much clear what you guys expecting from me. So most of people voted for "My own photography/life" I can't promise you daily posts from my life because my camera is crappy but I will try my best. "More fashion related" and "Everything as now would be great" got the same number of votes. I assure you I'm gonna post a lot of fashion related articles because I've joined the team of and I'm gonna try to empathize with the journalist's role, haha. Also I'm already making some interviews with other bloggers, so prepare yourself for some eye-candy style.


xoxo, Simona

spalio 20, 2010

Ateities mada/ Future Fashion


Žmonės sako, kad ateityje daug dalykų keisis. Moderniųjų technologijų, pagalba įprastos poperinės knygos išnyks... Transportą kuriuo naudojames šiandien, pakeis mini lėktuvai... Kiekvieną dieną pasaulis keičiasi negrįžtamai. Tačiau kas nutiks mūsų kasdieniam stiliui? Ką vilkėsime ateityje kai viskas vyksta negrįžtamai, o mes vis dažniau grežiojamės į praėjusių laikmečių madas?People say that in future many things will change. With the help of modern technologies the usual paper-based books and literature will be dead. The normal transport what we use today probably will change to mini aeroplanes. Everyday world are changing irreversibly. But what will happen to our casual style? What we're gonna wear  in the future when things are irreversible and we are increasingly returning to the trend of the previous ages?Mados ekspertai vis dažniau užsimena, kad haute couture (pranc. aukštoji mada) merdėja. Č F. Worth, dažnai minimas kaip haute couture tėvas, buvo Anglijoje gimęs garsus 19 amžiaus mados dizaineris. Praktiškai prieš jį, tokie apibrėžimai kaip "mada" ar "stilius" neegzistavo. Č.F Worth laikais mada klestėjo kaip niekad.Fashion experts are saying what haute couture (french. figh fashion) is already dying. Ch. F Worth widely considered the Father of haute couture was an english-born designer of the 19th century, definition of "fashion" and "style", did not exist before Worth. In the age of his glory fashion was flourishing.

 Legendinis šių laikų dizaineris Pierre Cardin teigia, kad modernūs drabužiai yra nepatogūs devėti, mados industrija yra subjaurota stambaus verslo, nuogumo bei kitų problemų. Aukštoji mada vis dažniau pritaikoma devėti kasdienai, tuo tarpu sezoninės prêt-à-porter kolekcijos darosi labiau panašesnės į sporto klubuose dėvimą "madą". Taip mada pamažu praranda savo grožį. Juk kažkada aukštosios mados suknelės buvo siuvamos pagal unikalų kliento užsakymą, būtent todėl tai buvo panašiau į rankų darbo stebuklą. Now according to another legendary couturier Pierre Cardin modern clothes are unwearable and fashion industry has been disfigured by big business, nudity and more problems. High fashion is increasingly adapted to wear every day, while seasonal Pret-a-porter collections are becoming more closer to the sports club wear "fashion". After all, once a high-fashion dresses were sewn by a unique customer order, which is why it was like a hand made miracle.

Grįžtant prie ateities mados, jei ekspertų žodis kažką lemią, kitame amžiuje devėsime itin trumpus sijonus pagamintus iš aliuminio ir kai ką iš nerūdijančio plieno. Medžiagos - itin tamprios, informacinės technologijos integruotos į audinį. Tikros medžiagos audiniai taps deficitu. Drabužiai bus intelektualiosios aplinkos dalis. Going back to future fashion, if experts have any say in the next century it is going to be very short skirts made from aluminum and something made of stainless steel.  Materials - high tensile, information technology integrated into the fabric. Smart clothes will be part of the environment.  

Ir pagaliau yra žmonių kurie sako, jog ateitis priklauso tiems kurie visai nevilki drabužių. And finally, on the other hand we have those  who are saying that the future belongs to those who wear no clothes at all.

spalio 19, 2010

I'll get you anything my friend if it makes you feel alright

Just got back from school, listening to the beatles and it just came to my mind that I haven't shown you my latest purchase. I bought new coat (again, but I couldn't resist the cheap price) from second-hand shop but it's original from H&M. However it looks very vintage-ish. 
I am so happy that next week will be autumn holiday, that means no school for a week it's such a relief. And I'm also will be doing photoshoot for my friend Greta :) Can't wait to take pics of her beautiful face!

spalio 17, 2010

Who, baby, who will save the world

You asked for inspiration Here is it!

spalio 16, 2010

All the lonely people

Hello lovely readers! I've got some advice that my blog is starting to be boring. I think I have to do something to fix it. I made a poll asking 'What kind of posts would you like to read here?' don't forget to  vote!

As you probably noticed I don't like posts without pictures so I'm gonna post some funny pics in collage of me from  summer'10.

Enjoy your weekend!

spalio 09, 2010

And I want to show you how you all look like beautiful stars tonight

Just some really cool pictures I captured  today.

spalio 08, 2010

More tequila

I feel realy guilty for not posting for whole week. So to redeem guilt I'm gonna show you some pics and tell one 'secret'. This week my mom went to the thrift store and bought 2 really cool things for me: black velvet originally from vero moda and cozy, warm knitwear. She paid for it 7 LTL! 7LTL!!! It's a bargain! Also I bought new nail polish which looks exactly like Chanel Jade one. All in all, my life is boring as always and I have nothing to do.

Have a nice weekend! I'll try to state updated. xx


spalio 03, 2010

Prepair for the cold season

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