spalio 23, 2010

That was the river. This is the sea

Voting of "What kind of posts would you like to read here?" is over and I'm pretty much clear what you guys expecting from me. So most of people voted for "My own photography/life" I can't promise you daily posts from my life because my camera is crappy but I will try my best. "More fashion related" and "Everything as now would be great" got the same number of votes. I assure you I'm gonna post a lot of fashion related articles because I've joined the team of and I'm gonna try to empathize with the journalist's role, haha. Also I'm already making some interviews with other bloggers, so prepare yourself for some eye-candy style.


xoxo, Simona

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coffeeholic rašė...

laukiu laukiu :) beje kad ir ka ten apacioj idejai nerodo ;/ <3

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