lapkričio 13, 2010

I lost my VOGUE virginity

I'm ashamed to say that yesterday I was holding my first VOGUE ever. I am so happy that my dad bought me this Vogue Italia when he was in Italy. And he promised me to get November issue too. Too bad I can't understand a word in italian language but it's very good eye candy and source of inspiration.

I also got some news for you. From monday (nov15) I'm not gonna write posts in this blog because I'm going to eye clinic in Kaunas I'm gonna be there for week or maybe more. There will be no tv, no pc I will just have phone so you can follow me on twitter.

Hope to see you soon! xxBeye

6 komentarai:

rednails rašė...

susitiksim Kaune?;)

Diana rašė...

sėkmės! x

ohsoboheme rašė...

rednails, jai bus galima eit i lauka butinai!:)
diana, aciu!

Teresa rašė...

Yay! Congrats to you on your first Vogue! And Italian Vogue nonetheless! Vogue is one of my favorite fashion mags.


coffeeholic rašė...

blem S aplankysiu butinai ;*

rednails rašė...

Amanda, ir manes nepamirsk pasiimt;D

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