vasario 23, 2011

Spread your little wings and fly away

Today was the second day of us students not going to school because of this freezing cold. So me and my friend Lily decided to spend this opportunity for lazyness. Ahh, I hope tomorrow we'll count the third day of skipping school!
Tell me what do you think, are you interested in this kind of posts should I keep going or stop posting my documentary life pictures?

vasario 22, 2011

Some forgotten dreams pt.II

And here's some pictures of me. I really really like them! Big thanks to Gabriel:)


vasario 19, 2011

Some forgotten dreams

Model: Gabriel


vasario 17, 2011

I got nothing but love!

Šiandien aš jaučiuosi ypatinga: turiu teisę prašyti draugų, kad palydėtų namo, paneštų rankinę, nupirktų bandelę, taip pat galiu šypsotis nuo ausies iki ausies ir negalvot, jog kasnors palaikys mane kvaile. Taip mielieji, Jūs teisingai supratote. Lygiai prieš 17 metų tėveliams mane atnešė gandras ir suteikė galimybę, Jus džiuginti arba liūdinti savo rašliavom!

Ta proga įkeliu kelias nuotraukas iš vakarykštės 'fotosesijos' su nuostabiąja Gabriele. Tai tiek. Laukit nuotraukųųųų...

I will translate this later!

vasario 14, 2011

Birdy and me

I am so happy! Today my friend came back from England and she got me this beautiful ring, she said that when she first saw it, she knew that I will love it. And yes, she know me well, I just love it and can't wait to wear it for the right time.

Why can't we give love give love give love give love

Taigi, taigi mielo šlamšto prekeiviai šiandien turėtų džiūgauti - atėjo (ilgai?) laukta diena, tai šv. Valentino diena. Iš visos širdies sakau, jog švęstum šią dieną, nereikia turėti antros pusės! Prisiminkime laikus kai buvome pradinukai ir klijuodavom vienas kito veidą kvailom širdelėm. Bet juk būdavo smagu, ar ne? Taip, kad ir šiandien - apdovanokime draugus šypsenomis, bučkiais ir šokoladais. MIELI MANO DRAUGAI, AŠ JUS LABAI LABAI MYLIU!

Happy Valentine's day!

vasario 11, 2011


You can easily say that I'm sick and I have nothing to do. I even think that going to school is so much better than just laying in bed all day... This is that I pretty much done all day: red a book called "Love lessons" and picked an outfit for my upcoming birthday party. Don't take these pictures too seriously I was just messing around with boredom. Btw, my skin is so pale white, I could be a vampire, lol.

vasario 09, 2011

Don’t you be afraid, baby I am here

Since I'm sick and staying at home I decided to organize my spring/summer wardrobe essiantials and to make my must-have. And my birthday is in the next week so it means I'm gonna get some money to make my wishes come true:)
Don't you feel like spring is very very near?

vasario 06, 2011

Young photographer: Saga Sig

Young and very talented blonde from Iceland has for several years breaking into an fashion photography industry. The girl managed to work with such names as Dazed & Confused UK, Dazed Japan, Korea Dazed, Dazed Digital KronbyKronKron, ILOVEFAKE, Playing Fashion, and many others. So, without huge introductions I invite you to the world of Saga Sig.

  • Saga Sig, tell us a bit about yourself and your life.

I'm currently living in London but I grew up in Iceland and my hometown
is Reykjavik, where my family lives. I moved to London two years ago to study fashion photography and now I am on my third and last year in
London College of Fashion. I live in London with my boyfriend Elli ( who
is an illustrator and artist. I love my family and friends. I love to read, to go to art galleries, listen to music, watch films, sit at cafés and read my books. I love spend time in libraries to get inspiration or look at magazine and blogs. I am inspired by so many things but my main inspiration is all the amazing people around me.

  • Where do you find inspiration for your creativity?

I am very inspired by many things, but my main inspiration is the wonderful people that surround me every day.

  • How did your acquaintance with photography started?

It started way back, I lived in a beautiful national park called
Thingvellir, its one of the most beautiful places in Iceland and my mother was a ranger there. Color and the silence of the park seemed unbelievable. I was
only eight years and wanted to capture the beauty forever so my
parents gave me a 35 mm canon camera and since then I have always been
taking photos. When I was 18 year old I decided that I wanted to be a
photographer, so here I am!

  • How would you describe your photography style?

In some words: nature, feminine, fashion, colorful, dreamy, fairy-tale
like, fun, films, mystics, landscape...

  • Are you more in to fashion photography or in artistic photography?

I do like both. You can create your own worlds both with fashion
and artistic photography. Fashion photography is fun because you
work with so many people to create an image, but artistic photography
is good when you want to work alone on something personal.

  • What is your biggest dream?

It want to be healthy and happy surrounded by my family, live and work
with photography.

  • What do you want to wish to our readers?

To believe in themselves always, and I wish that their dreams come true.

To watch Saga Sig photography go to -;

This article was written by me, special for le madame page.

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