vasario 23, 2011

Spread your little wings and fly away

Today was the second day of us students not going to school because of this freezing cold. So me and my friend Lily decided to spend this opportunity for lazyness. Ahh, I hope tomorrow we'll count the third day of skipping school!
Tell me what do you think, are you interested in this kind of posts should I keep going or stop posting my documentary life pictures?

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coffeeholic rašė...

idomu idomu Simuk :) nice outfit btw :)

ohsoboheme rašė...


neringa rašė...

kaip as megstu tokius sumustinius kaip 2 nuotraukoj! ;D niam

Veronika Sereikaite rašė...

Koks fainas megztukas! ziauriai man dabar tokie patinka.
Kaip noriu tu sumustiniu. ;DD

ohsoboheme rašė...

neringa, jie mano megstamiausi!:D
veronika, dekui:>

whichlid rašė...

Keep up posting like this. :))

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