liepos 29, 2011

The deeper you go the higher you fly

Mažytė naktinė fotosesija vykusi 1 valandą nakties:) Na man negręsia, būti "batsiūviu be batų"... Beje pirmadienį keliausiu prie jūros, pailsėti, pasideginti ir pagaudyt kadrų su juostinuku!

The tiny nocturnal photo-shoot which took place at 1 AM:) By the way, in monday I'm going to the seaside to relax and capture some pictures with my old film camera!
Photographer - Akvile.


liepos 24, 2011

Not the kind to kiss and tell

1. Šios nuotraukos ant sienos tik pradžia
2-3. Nauja palaidinė su kaspinėliais
4. Juostinis fotoaparatas smena 8m, kelios juostelės ir knygos
5. Jau visą dieną klausau šios dainos

1. These pictures on the wall is only beginning
2-3. New blouse printed with bows
4. Old film camera smena 8m, some films and books
5. I'm listening to this song all day long

liepos 22, 2011

Who knows what she's gonna say?

Nėra jokios paslapties, kad esu filmų maniakė. Dievinu vakarus, kai įsijungus įtraukiantį filmą, pabėgi nuo nuobodžios realybės. Ištikrųjų labiausiai mėgstu fantastinius filmus, tokius kaip Žiedų Valdovas, Haris Poteris ir pan. Man tiesiog be galo patinka įsivaizduoti, kad ir mūsų pasaulyje egzistuoja burtai, magija, fėjos ir elfai! Tad skiriu šį įrašą savo mėgstamų filmų dalyboms, galbūt pamatysit ką nors ir iš savo mėgstamų sarašo:)

There is no secret that I am a movie maniac. I love the evenings when you watch very involving movie and just run from boring reality. Actually I love fantastic movies the most, such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and stuff like that. I just really like to imagine that spells, magic, fairies and elves exist in our world! So I dedicate this post to my favourite movies, perhaps you'll see something from your favourite list:)


Factory Girl

Requiem for a Dream

Finding Neverland

Fight Club

The edge of love

Black Swan

Taking Woodstock

Nowhere Boy


liepos 08, 2011

BLOG CRUSH: Behind blue eyes

It's been four months since the last time I wrote something in "blog crush" column. So it was about a time to change that...
Today let me introduce you to the beautiful blogger from Poland, her blog is full of style inspiration. Visit and see it by yourself!

FULL NAME : Agnieszka Malek
HOMETOWN: Brzesko, Polad

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you live. I live in a small town situated in southern Poland. Fashion is really important for me, but first of all it's fun. I've got a younger brother. I also love music, painting and active recreation.
2) Why did you start blogging and what's you're favourite thing about it? I was looking through other blogs and some day I decided to sign my own site. I remember that I was afraid because I didn't know my opportunities yet. Now Blogging is my lifestyle and favourite hobby.
3) Describe your personal style and its influences/inspiration. How can I describe my style? I like girly, striped and romantic clothes, floral patterns, bright colours, especially pastels.My favourite parts of clothes are dresses, skirts and shirts with cute collars. I admire her style!
My inspirations are Scandinavian blogs and streets. I love good-looking people. I think that the best dressed woman is Alexa Chung.
4) What is your favorite era of style? 40's of course.
5) What can't you live without? I can't live without my mobile phone, sun and fruits. ;)
6)Your favourite blogs or other web reads you look at daily? I love her style, definitely my fav blog.
7) Favourite designers/labels or places to shop? Oysho is recently my favourite shop. I like also h&m, zara, topshop and second hands shops of course.
8) Something about yourself most people don't know? I'm expecting a sister. I'm so happy. I'm addicted to muesli.
9) What would you wish to Lithuanian fashion bloggers? Be more courageous

liepos 03, 2011

I don't need power when I'm hypnotized

Vasaros lietus pasiglemžė mano sveikatą. Dabar sėdžiu varvančia nosimi ir laukiu kol į galvą šaus kelios idėjos pavadinimu "ką gi dabar veikti?"...
Žinot kas būtų velniškai smagu? Jeigu į komentarų dežutę numestumėte nuorodą į savo blogą arba šiaip kokio nors Jums patinkančio blogo nuorodą. Labai nėra ką veikti, o atrasti naują įkvėpimo šaltinį yra visada smagu:)

Summer rains claimed my health. Now I'm sitting with dripping nose with the question in my head "what to do?"...
You know what would be a damn fun? If in comment box you would leave a link to your blog or just a blog you really, really like. I have nothing to do and to find a new source of inspiration is always fun:)

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