liepos 28, 2010

I sleep with windows open

When I catch myself thinking what kind of clothes I'll by for autumn, I understand that summer is coming to an end. My heart ache for the things I was preparing to do and that did not have. Well, for example I was trying to do some sports but with the help of some mysterious forces I managed to get up early only once... Not to mention, all those million things that I planed to do when the summer started.  Honestly, I can not acomplish any of those things... It remains to enjoy the last summer month, the last sunshine and the last tea in the lake.

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coffeeholic rašė...

as ir nieko nepadariau ka zadejau ;//*

Fashionprincess rašė...

Like your blog! If you want, follow my blog too and leave a comment. I've just started my blog a few days ago, and I hope I'll have soon more "followers". Thankyou.

Carmen rašė...

such a pretty pic!
like your blog :)

check also my blog sometime..

Veronika Sereikaite rašė...

O as kazkaip pasiilgau jau rudens. pasiilgau tu jaukiu rubeliu (aisku visiskai nelaukiu akda atsals orai nes man rausta nosyte) pasiilgau draugu mokykloj, pasiilgau to tokio rudenisko kvapo. Bet vistiek vasara yra vasara ir tik guledama nakti ant salto smeliuko papludimy gali pajusti tikra freedom!

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